Saturday, February 18, 2006


DIRTY ^%!@#@#$#@**&^*%&$!! BLOGGER

Because I am unable to publish on my old site, I have been forced to create a new, hopefully temporary blog. Here is what you missed this week because of %$!@##&^%$&^*#$@^!!!!! Blogger:

There was quite a debate over at Sadico Junction over the jokes being made at Dick Cheney's expense. Sadie Lou has taken great offense to these jokes. As I explained in comments there, this is why it is funny, and why he is fair game:

What makes it funny is Cheney's history. During the election, Cheney went in front of an NRA convention and made fun of John Kerry for wearing a new hunting vest on a duck hunt in Ohio (hinting that Kerry wasn't really a hunter). Well Kerry went on a duck hunt in the real outdoors, and managed to shoot, well, ducks.

Cheney went on a hunt on a ranch that raises semi tame birds, and managed to shoot his partner rather than a bird. If humor has it's basis in irony, there is little more ironic than that! Therefore, little funnier. And Cheney"s hubris left him fair game (pardon the pun)!

Study shows how the Cane Toad is rapidly evolving in Australia. Very Fascinating!


This may be the coolest site I have ever been to! It is called WOLFGANG'S VAULT. It features music from thousands of hours of live concert recordings from the vaults of legendary concert promoter Bill Graham. For those of you too young to remember, Graham is probably the most important promoter in the history of modern music. He operated the legendary Filmore and Winterland Auditoriums in San Francisco, and the Filmore East in New York. He promoted over 35,000 concerts, and launched the careers of myriad of stars, including Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf, The Band, Buffalo Springfield, and many, many more.

Vault Radio regularly adds and removes songs from it's playlist, so the music is always new and exciting. Right now, I am listening to Bruce Springsteen doing a live cover of Manfred Mann's BLINDED BY THE LIGHT. All the songs on vault Radio are live recordings, and they are FM quality.

If you are fan of live music, you HAVE to check out this site!

I've been having problems commenting on a few sites this week. I get a screen that says "blogger is fixing this page".

Bridge's T-shirt was my fav joke!

What's up with the networks nowdays? They haven't run a new episode of ANYTHING since before Christmas. Now they're calling this MIDseason? Since WHEN is 3 or 4 new episodes considered midseason? When I do find a show I like, they change timeslots and nights, so I can't find it anymore. OK, I'm done ranting on THIS topic. ;)

I gotta check out that music site, thanks!

Oh yeah, FIRSTIES on the new blog!
Secondies on the new blog! Thanks for the note, GWB!!!
Hey there my favorite Mark Spurrier, sorry to hear about blogger. That really sucks. I'm sorry to hear that your show got canceled. I know how it feels when a show you really, REALLY enjoy gets the boot. Hugs to you my friend and I raise my Guinness to you as I eat my really, really delicious stew (made with a few modifications of course!).
I've updated my link to you.
Wolfgang's Vault is awesome!!! I am going to have to tell everyone I know about it!
Got your new link now. Blogger's been a real bitch lately. I had trouble posting and commenting on my own site, too.

The Cheney jokes are well-deserved. On everything from Abramoff to bird hunting all I have to do is think what the R's would be saying if it were happening to Dems.
tshs - that T is my favorite so far also!

brig - congrats, and thank you for coming!

nic - can't wait to try that recipe!

dbdad - ty

gp - i love that site!

squirl - Yeah, I think if it had been Al Gore, you couldnt have shut Limbaugh and O'Lielly up with all the duct tape in the western hemisphere!
Hi GWB. I saw your post on Tshsmom's blog. Glad to find out where you went. I kept checking your original site and wondering. I had a cryptic message from doc-t on my blog, which makes me think he hasn't been able to post to my blog, so maybe the blogger problems explain that. Sorry about "Love Monkey." I kept checking your page for a commentary on the cancellation and "nothing." I thought something was amiss. Glad you're still here. :-)
Well that sucks... Any idea why it's happening? I haven't had any problems at all. Have you tried publishing from someone else's computer?

Your link is changed temporarily (hopefully) at my site...
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